What Is Freight Train Hopping?

Freight train hopping is when you get on a freight train (without being seen) and ride it to wherever it goes. It’s dangerous, dirty, tiring, frustrating, unpredictable and illegal and you shouldn’t do it.

Who Are You?

I’m Brave Dave. I’m a guy who likes to go on little adventures and make YouTube videos about them. I have a website for me to organise and display all of my adventures, and I also have the usual social media.


My YouTube Channel



Why Did You Make This Website?

My Big Fat Freight Hop videos (and all my other videos) are already on IAmBraveDave.com. However, I also own the domain “FreightHopping.com” and have done so for a long time so I thought I’d actually put it to some use, hence this website.

I’m An Impressionable Kid. Should I Play On Freight Trains?


But You Did! And Now I Want To As Well!

Shut up.