Hi, I’m Brave Dave. In September 2016 I went to Canada and rode freight trains from Montreal to Vancouver.

It took me about 2 weeks to cover a little under 5000km by freight train hopping. I filmed the adventure on my old, battered GoPro Hero2 and once I’d got back to England I edited the footage into a 4-part film, which I then stuck up on YouTube, calling it Brave Dave’s Big Fat Freight Hop.

Here’s the trailer for it!

Big Fat Freight Hop was in fact the third time that I’d gone on a freight train adventure. The first was way back in 2005, the video of which I called Hobo Living. The second time I went freight hopping was in 2013 where I had a go at catching freight trains in Canada. I called that one Canadian Catch Out.

However, Big Fat Freight Hop was by far the biggest and most successful of the three.

I already have a website for my adventure videos (called IAmBraveDave.com) but because I’ve owned the domain “FreightHopping.com” for a long time I thought I’d put it to some actual use, hence this website.

Browse through my freight adventure videos and let me know what you think!